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Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to scroll voice

. Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to scroll voice

Hello there!
This is the way i get mic in room i played,now i wana share to everyone!
Maybe someone know this tricks,but i wana share to everyone who doesn´t know scroll voice.(This is the best way to fight without gut strong domination voice)
Beofre i told all my stupid victim im using Voice Of Fire 1.5,if anyone want fight me can buy it from tt soft(maybe someone got it)
They dont know im using MOV 3.4 and MOVR
Now all you can scroll voice in the room and can talk using Voice Of Fire 1.5 like me
Okie this is the way i can show you:
1.You must have MOV 3.4 or MOVR cracked or Paid (Any m*** iggies can scrool voice,MOV is my favorite)
2.Run it,load ur socks,ur bots and type the room you playin
3.Active bots stay in the room
- With MOV:Room methods>>>Bots stay the room
- With MOVR: Options>>Login>>>Bots stay the room
4.Active your mic in bots when scroll voice(If you dont active you just can scrool with out sound)
- With MOV:Audio packets>>>Domination with your Mic
- With MOVR: ptions>>>Voice>>>Your mic(Near by Blank Packets)

Now,login all bots and type your captcha,look like you locking room,just need 15 bots or 20 bots in room
After that,you login your voice,Try login more voice because with this voices you can not inoge ur victims.
Next step!
Do you see Audi Login in your M*** Iggy???Yeah,it for scroll voice but before you login audio,you must Select the numbers of bots on slider,select all your voice
After that,you click on Audio Login,you will see your bots stay in the room got voice like another ids.
And now!You will iggy your victims,and Start Scroll
Your bots will hold mic in the room with strong domination!
This is the best way i found it if you wana fight!You dont need try or wait get mutil voice in the room with client chat.
This is my best client chat:141:


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