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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Change the Date of Birth of Yahoo! ID

. Saturday, October 16, 2010

1st of all let me explain you something

The date of birth of that illegal ID is 14 August 1947 as you can see in the picture

  • This is only for free Yahoo! ID's. This is not for or
  • You can not find the date of birth any master accounts, nor you can change it
  • You can't change the date of birth of some accounts too, I try to change one illegal ID, but it didn't give me permission to change, and we can also change the DOB of some illegal Yahoo! ID's too
  • As I say, this is only for free Yahoo! ID i-e you can change the DOB of any number ID, any account
1st step : - 


Put the ραṡṡώøɾḋ and user name and signin

As you can see, I'm using illegal ID

Now, you are signin successfully

After this, open the following link

When you Press Enter key in browser, the following page will be appear

After that, your DOB will be change 

Here is the proof, on the above picture, the DOB on my Yahoo! ID is 14 August 1947

Now, Date Of Birth of that illegal ID is 04 April 1988

For-example : - 

When I call to Yahoo! that I'm unable to access my Yahoo! Account and they ask the Date of birth of, they will only accept the DOB of 04.04.1988

It means that, through this tutorial, we can change the DOB of any free Yahoo! Account, but we can't change the DOB of some free accounts too.

And when you change the DOB, the DOB is not change on profile, but I change on the file of our account too
The all credit of that tutorial goes to ßℓå¢k ¢å†'


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