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Friday, January 22, 2010

What is Public / Alias / Secondary ID??And How to Create What is Public / Alias / Secondary ID?

. Friday, January 22, 2010

When you first time created a Yahoo! (Messenger) account, actually you created the default account or primary account or main account of Yahoo! Messenger. For newbie, they may be not understand that beside the main account or main ID of YM, they can also create the secondary account or secondary ID. That’s can also be named as Alias ID or Secondary Public ID.

What is Public IDs?

Public IDs is an account that can be used just like the main / default / primary account. It can be used to join Yahoo Messenger and also can make a chat with the public IDs. You can create Public IDs up to six 6 Public IDs that under your Main Yahoo ID. That means you have another ID beside of you main account of yahoo. These secondary ID or ID’s under or alias ID is like you duplicate identity. You don’t even need to register or create another account of yahoo messenger to make those duplicate identities. All you have to do just create New Public ID under your main ID of Yahoo.

What Alias IDs make for?

The purpose Yahoo! provides the secondary ID or alias ID is behind of the security reason. If you want to make a conversation in chat room or instant message with someone new (that almost you don’t even see their face and character, they can be a dangerous person, criminal or even child abuse!!) you need privacy protection of your identities. With the alias ID or secondary ID you can create Fake Identity of your self to new person that you met. If you already knew the person and you save to share the identity of yours, then you can reveal your real ID (that is your main ID).

Another security reason of making Alias ID is the preventing of malicious behavior such as boot attack. One of unique feature embedded with Alias ID that can be used to protect us is alias ID or secondary Id can be set active or inactive. That mean you can disable the alias ID and make it active again in chat room as long as you want to.

Some Unofficial Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger, as long as We understood, such as Yahaven, YmLite, and also Yazak, used this active inactive features of alias ID to help them to protect from boot attack or make them chat shield / anti boot by inactivate the Alias ID.
With Alias Id you can change the ID (up to 7) when you try to chat in chat room, IM or even conference room.

How to create Public Alias ID?

To create Public ID or secondary ID or Alias ID, simple login to your Yahoo Account and pointed your browser to
Yahoo! Profiles.
Then click New Public ID, continue its until you complete and finish the steps.
Replay you steps to make another Alias ID.
You can also create Alias ID through Yahoo! Messenger. Do the steps below:
Yahoo Messenger >> Messenger >> My Profile >> Create/ Edit My Profile >> Create New Public ID
Remember under your default main account of Yahoo!, you can create up to 6 Public Alias ID.
New Ways Creating Alias ID Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo has change the way we can create Alias ID. The ways that we told you above no longer work anymore. Now you can create Alias ID by visiting this link below:

Yahoo! that you will be directed to Yahoo Login Page. Just type your yahoo username aka ID (alias or main ID) with its password and press sign in. After that you’ll see a page .

You can add the alias id by press Add an alias, or deleted by press Delete link on your desired alias id that you want to remove.
Linked Alias ID with Primary Profiles ID
Like we said above, now Yahoo Only available with one Profiles. Even though like that, your alias ID can be linked to the Profile. When you Alias ID Profiles selected then it would directly view you main Profile of your Primary ID. Just go to:

Sign in to Yahoo! you can manage which alias Id that you want to linked with your primary profile.
Activate and Dis-activate Alias ID
Simply go to Messenger >> My Profile. Then you’ll see all of your alias ID, click activate or inactive to set the condition of your each Alias ID.

Multi ID vs Public Alias ID


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