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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yahoo Boots Program: What is and What for?

. Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yahoo Boots Program is software that developed to load a certain kind of bots then use it to flood ( yahoo messenger bots flood) somebody else in yahoo messenger chat wiht yahoo booter id. Without yahoo boots program or booter program a lamer cannot attack us or make us disconnected. Sometime, yahoo boot program is developed to attack a special chat client such as YahElite, Yazak, YmLite or else.

Yahoo boots program and the activities to use and operate it, is an illegal activity and again yahoo policies. If you run this yahoo boot software or boot program or yahoo booter program, it could be dangerous to yourself because yahoo can ban you. Fortunately, if you were banned only your username, but if you were banned your IP, it could be harmful, because you never be login in yahoo messenger again.

Yahoo boots program use bots as a bullet to attack the target. If yahoo boot program using PM bomb to attack you, its mean that they will attack you thru Private message flooding and you will receive a hundred or a thousand PM windows in your computer windows. It is dangerous to yourself because you could disconnect. I suggest you to use anti boots program to protect yourself from further damage thing.

Please don’t be a lamer and makes the yahoo chat became a world crazy thing just like our real world. Be a good chatter and don’t ever try to use yahoo boots program and become a booter or lamer. Save our yahoo, be away became or user of boot program. Protect yourself with anti boot that I have given to you before.

I m sorry that I am not sharing with you yahoo booters download or link of yahoo boot progs. If you want boot for yahoo chat, and became a lamer, it up to you. There are many boot for yahoo chat, you can easily have boot for yahoo via newest download boot thru underground site.


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