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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yahoo Boot Protection Tips

. Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make a chat conversation in chat room of yahoo messenger with save without any problem from lamer sometime not as easy as learn how to boot. Unofficial Yahoo Messenger Chat Client such as YahElite, Yahaven, Yazak, YHook, etc, that been developed to protect from this annoying activity, some time didn’t enough, especially, if we did not familiar using that chat client. Now, after I wrote some tips and trick to protect your chat in yahoo messenger (you can read that posts here, here and here), I will give you another simple trick and tips.

First, you must know how to use Multi ID Yahoo Messenger and how to use and make Public ID Yahoo Messenger. I give you that such condition need because of this tips will use that knowledge of using and making Multi ID and Public ID. Remember, this trick only tested in official Yahoo Messenger!

Now prepare to chat and do what I say to make you unbootable. Use Multi ID first. This means that you must login with 2 or more ID in yahoo messenger (Official Yahoo Messenger software run in two or three). One of 2 or more Yahoo ID must have Public ID (its can be 2 or more Public ID). Then please login in to chat room yahoo messenger that you desire or want to join (one of your ID). After that Log in with your another ID in a same room but in this time use your secondary ID (ones of your Public ID) not your primary ID. Now, your 2 ID has been joining in the same room. You have 2 Yahoo ID in the same room.

After that Read carefully this paragraph because this is the core of your protection. Dis-activate or Inactivate your Secondary ID (Public ID) through:

Yahoo Messenger >> Messenger >> My Profile >> Inactive (You secondary ID of Public ID that joining in chat room, not your Primary ID. Your Primary ID always active, and cannot be set to inactive mode)

Now your secondary ID is save with full of protection (in fact, you id is inactive so no one can bother your id). You still use voice talk chat or even webcam using this inactive ID. Amazing? But, wait. Why we must use another ID using Multi ID? The answer is because your inactive ID even still can use voice talk chat and viewing others people webcam, this inactive ID can not see the letter message typed in chat room. To know all activity, especially message **** in chat room, you have to use another ID. But, don’t talk, type a message using this ID because this ID wasn’t protected! Just use this ID like ID Spy or Monitoring ID. Use your inactive ID to type a message ****, and others activity.


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