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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What is booter?Booter Defenation

. Thursday, December 17, 2009

1. "What is a Booter?"

2. "Where can I get a booter?"

3. "What are Bots and how do I get them?"

4. "What is a Chat Protocol?"

5. "Why is it that, when I start my booter--I get a Missing Files/Runtime error?"

6. "How long do I let it run to boot someone? And why can't I log back into yahoo?"

7. "What are the dangers of booting?"

8. "What are some tips?"

Maybe this can answer some of those questions for you.

1. "What is a Booter?"

A booter is a program that logs in single or multiple yahoo accounts, sending packets of information (buzzes, audibles, PMs, etc are sent as packets) to a target user until that user is disconnected from yahoo.

There are two main types of booters-- Single Login and Multi Login.

Single login programs use one 'bot' (a bot is just a yahoo account) to send a disconnect packet or PM bomb to the chosen target. Slower systems make efficient use of single login booters, or people who are just learning to boot. Generally, these programs aren't too powerful, but give them a shot either way.

Multi Login booters use anywhere from 2 to 1000 or more bots to send a flood of packets to the target user, and are usually more powerful than single login programs.

2. "Where can I get a Booter?"

There are literally hundreds of sites on the web that offer booting programs for free download, and a few that you can pay for work quite well, also.

A good site for newbies and experienced booters alike is Dragonz World Company AND Yahoo Booters And Yahoo Tools - VipraSys. This site is moderated by several knowledgeable programmers, and includes a downloads section full of the latest booters, a tutorial to help you learn the art, and plenty of other useful yahoo and computer information. If the site is down or removed, then search with google or yahoo web search for other sites that provide booters and other yahoo utilities.

Register a free account--it takes about 5 minutes, and there are no credit card numbers or other junk involved. Just give them an email address and choose your user name. That's it, and you're in. Go to the downloads section and grab a couple of the newest booters. After a while, yahoo "patches" against most booters, rendering them ineffective. Patching is something you could compare to fixing a leak in the roof---it stops the boot codes from getting through and causing damage just like fixing a roof stops the rain from pouring in. So try to grab the newest programs you can find, use them for a couple months, and go looking for new ones.

I've used some of the same programs for several months, but most booters don't have a ****f life of more than a couple months. There are links to other sites on N2R, so cruise the yahoo sites and check out what's out there. You might find a booter that they don't have, or one you like better---whatever. The point is, you're learning.

3. "What are Bots and how do I get them?"

Bots are nothing but yahoo accounts used in a booting program. The account name you're using right now would be a bot--if you loaded it into a booter. These account are made just like any other, and are only referred to as bots because of their function. If the account is used for booting purposes, it is a bot. Now, how do you go about making enough bots to use a Multi Login program?

That's where a dirty little trick called an ID maker comes into play. I won't bother including a link to a working bot maker, because they are patched so fast it would be useless. Cruise the yahoo sites and ask around on the forums at N2R--I'm sure you'll run a cross something. An ID maker does most of the work for you, filling in the time-consuming personal information part of creating a yahoo account. Most ID makers will then ask you to confirm the account by entering the secret word -- that distorted group of letters and numbers you saw when you created your chat account. Once you've done that, you have a bot.

It's always possible to do things the slow way and make the yahoo accounts the same way you made yours -- by going through the yahoo page and creating as many account as you want. But if possible, use an ID maker. They are ten times faster and more convenient.

Most booters require that you save your bots to a notepad file in order to load them into the program more easily later. Save your bots to a notepad file in one of two common formats. Most booters require your bots to be saved in the following format: botname:p***word.

For example:



Another common format booters use is botname p***word. The only difference is that one format uses a colon to separate the bot name and p***word, and the other format uses a space.

For example:

cryonic_death blackknight333
cryonic_death blackknight444

If you want to save a copy of your bots and their p***words in both formats, it's really easy. Just do this:

Open the notepad file with your bots and their p***word saved. We'll call this file "Bots." Let's say we want to convert a list of 100 cryonic_death names from this format:


to this format:

cryonic_death blackknight333

Rather than doing it all by hand and wasting ten minutes of your life, just try this. Look at the top of your notepad file, and open the Edit menu.

Click Replace. Where it says Find What type in :

Where it says Replace With type in a single space. Then click Replace All. This will find every instance of : and replace it with a space. You've just converted an entire list in only a few seconds. You can also do the same in reverse. Replace (space)p***word with :p***word. It's that easy.

It may seem confusing, but just go step by step and look closely at each step. It will make sense---I guarantee it.

4. "What is a Chat Protocol?"

A chat protocol is sort of like a ********. It's how you connect to yahoo, in essence--it's how your yahoo messenger speaks to the chat servers. Different protocols allow you access to different features. Yahoo messenger uses YMSG protocol, complete with every feature and chat option you can imagine. The only problem is---YMSG is very easy to boot.

CHAT02 is a useful protocol that supports most of the same features as YMSG, and is just tough enough to boot that most lamers won't give you a hard time.

Here's a breakdown of the most common Protocols you will encounter:

YMSG ---- Usually very easy to boot ---- includes many features and options.

CHAT02 ---- Somewhat harder to boot ---- includes fewer features and options.

Yahoo messenger always uses YMSG protocol. CHAT02 is one of the protocol options given when you sign into messenger through the main Yahoo page. Several popular chat clients also offer the use of CHAT02.

Knowledge of Chat Protocols is a must if you want to become a proficient booter. Different protocols require different packets and options to successfully boot someone, so toy with the options on your favorite booter and test them against friends using different protocols. Or test them on enough lamers that you figure out what works and what doesn't. You never know -- you might figure out something cool that nobody else has yet -- purely by accident.

5. "Why is it that, when I start my booter--I get a Missing File/Runtime error?"

Most of the time, you're computer won't contain every file you need in your system 32 folder for a booter to run properly. That's no problem at all. N2R has a full section of 'missing file' downloads that should contain almost everything you need. If not, there are other sites that offer the same thing.

You'll probably see something like this :

"actskin4.ocx is missing or not correctly registered"

All you have to do is grab the specified file from a website, unzip the folder, and move it to your system32 folder. If you don't know where that is, just click on the file, then click 'Move this Folder' on the Windows XP menu of Common Tasks. Find C drive and click it, then look for Windows. Click that to collapse the windows menu, and look for System32. Click System32 and then 'Move' to place the file in that folder. If you aren't running XP, just open your C drive and look around. You should see the folder without much trouble.

Sometimes you'll run into something called a Runtime Error. Most of the programs we use on Yahoo! are compiled using Visual Basic 6.0, so you'll need a copy of the VB6 Runtime files installed on your system. Pick those up in the missing files section, or find a copy of VRun, which satisfies the same purpose.

6. "How long do I let it run to boot someone? And why can't I log back into yahoo?"

Okay, here's the deal. Yahoo will see what you're doing if you boot excessively, and ban your IP address. That means no more Yahoo under any ID. But, just like every problem --- it's easily dealt with if you know what to do. Dialup users don't have much to worry about, because most will gain a fresh IP address every time they reconnect. So all you need to do is disconnect from your internet service and reconnect. You should be able to log in fine. If not, then wait a little while and try again. It never lasts long.

You might also find yourself IP banned if you log in too many bots too quickly. Some booters offer a Login Delay setting. I don't connect more than 3 bots per second. .3 second is optimal, in my opinion. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, and .1 seconds does work perfectly 90% of the time. .3 is just my preference.

On services with an IP address that isnt so easy to change, like cable, I would use an IP forcer. It's fairly easy once you open the program. Just click go and it will disconnect you and change your IP. Just reconnect and try to log in again. There you go. You should be able to find an IP forcer on several Yahoo sites.

I use DHCP IP Forcer Pro. The same result can be reached manually, but I'll save that for another tutorial. Just procure this IP changing program and we'll deal with the rest as it comes.

So how long should you run it to boot someone? That really depends on several factors. The faster your connection, the less time you need to run the booter. The slower your connection, the longer it will take to send enough packets. I'd say no more than 10 seconds in any case, and even that's pushing it. Experiment with longer boot sessions if that doesn't work for you, but most of the time 5-7 seconds should be plenty. If it doesn't work, try different options or a different number of bots.

Other Factors that Determine the Length of Your Boot Session :

Packet Delay: Some booters offer you the option of setting your packet delay, or the amount of time your booter will pause after sending a packet, then send the next. This delay differs from program to program, and different packet types work the best with different delays. The lower the delay, ( the faster packets send) the greater your chances of suffering an IP ban. The higher your delay, the less likey you are to be banned.

As far as the number of bots used, I really don't see the need for any more than 250, no matter what protocol or protection your victim is using. Too many bots will lag a slow connection, and even knock you offline in extreme cases--or disconnect you from Yahoo if you're not careful. Sometimes you'll find that you can boot someone once, or even twice, but the third time your boot is ineffective. This might mean that they have captured the exploit code and added it to a filter in their messenger program, or they might have put your bots in Ignore. Certain programs such as Y!Tunnel and YaheLite offer what's called Wildcard Ignore. Let's say your bots look like this:


etc. ..I think you see where I'm going with this.

Wildcard Ignore allows a user to Ignore any usernames that begin with specific words or letters---such as boot_bot. They won't have to have every username on ignore, just specify that any name beginning with the words boot_bot are ignored-- so the bots are almost useless. Keep several lists of 120-150 bots, each containing different ID patterns.

Here's an example:

Have one list of bots with the name: cryonic_death_x0, cryonic_death_x1, etc.
Have a second list of 120 bots with the name: spawns_fall_5, spawns_fall_6, etc.

Load up a different list each time you boot a person. That makes them harder to ignore. A somewhat more time consuming method is to start each bot ID with a different sequence of numbers, so that anyone capturing the bot names would have to ignore them one by one, which is vastly more difficult. Or, find an ID maker that allows you to create random IDs. These are impossible to place on wildcard ignore, and random names are much more effective in the long run.

7. "What are the dangers of booting?"

There are some important things to consider before you boot someone. If your target is very knowledgeable, he or she may have a packet monitor set up to capture the boot packets you send. If that is the case, they might possibly uncover see the IP address of the sender, and try to cause your computer harm. The IP address is like the address of your house. It's the physical address of your computer, and crackers (a term used to describe second-rate, wannabe *******) can use it to scan your ports and find vulnerabilities--just like a thief would check your windows to see if any were unlocked. So if you think your target might be competent enough to run a packet filter, be careful with your booting. It's highly unlikely, and they usually only catch a Yahoo Server IP, but you can never be too careful.

Another danger is the booter itself. Never run a program before scanning it thoroughly for p***word stealers and other malicious ******s. I recommend the PS Detector programs you find on yahoo sites and the Yahoo Filesafe Program put out by Unsakred. Open these security programs and click on the booter icon to load it and check for malicious ******s such as Magic P***word Stealer, etc. offers the Filesafe program for free, and the PS Detector in the download section of almost any yahoo site. You might also try a couple of Antivirus products and a bound data detector, such as Autopsy.

A less likely danger is having someone catch your bots and crack them. Most people don't bother doing this, but they also don't realize how many of our less intelligent yahoo friends leave their bot p***words as 'p***word' or something as simple as 'p***word1.' I run a name scanner to find all the names in a sequence like cryonic_death_1, cryonic_death_2, etc. I'll load a handful into the cracker, let it run with a 'common p***words' list and, nine times out of ten, our impatient friends will have left their p***word as something pitifully easy. Once you've got the p***word, there's a good chance the rest of the bots in the name sequence will have the exact same p***word.

I add them to a notepad file and save them for later. When I get time, I open a m*** p***word changing tool and change the p***words for 100, 200, even 300 bots at a time. Next time they try to log in, they have a nasty surprise waiting. What's even more fun is to boot them with their own stolen bots. Talk about poetic justice.

8. "What are some tips?"

There are a few things you might want to tweak before you ever start booting, or after a few heavy boot sessions. I'll list a few.

-- Half-Open Connections -- Windows XP Service Pack 2 limits users to only 10 open ports. So when you load your booter, you're shoving a mountain of data through a tiny little funnel, and all you're doing is flooding your connection, wasting bandwidth, and lagging your system. What you need to do is find the Half-Open Connections Patch in the N2R downloads section, use it to open at least 5,000 ports, and restart your system.

Now you'll be sending all the data your system can handle, and you'll pack a lot more punch. Your packets won't be bumping into each other and slowing you down, eating all your bandwidth and wasting your connection. You'll be more streamlined and efficient.

-- Winsock Fix -- Your registry becomes corrupted over time, especially after a heavy booting session. And data will not send efficiently. You'll also find yourself encountering errors and crashing more often, not to mention lagging badly when you connect to the internet.

Pick this tool up from the downloads section and run it after a night of heavy booting. Your registry keys will be reset, sockets repaired, and your connection will be clear, open, and ready for more.

Find a booter with a lot of options. You might need them all to take out a particularly difficult target. At least 6 or more, preferably about 12-15. I've used some booters with over 40+ options, but more options doesn't always mean they work any better. For your average target running Yahoo Messenger with no protection, a silent disconnect option will work swiftly and silently to disconnect their yahoo without doing much damage or lagging your system. Half the time they won't even realize they've been booted. It will just log them out, and Yahoo will log them back in in a couple of seconds. Some of these need only one bot to work, while others take more. It just depends on the booter. Find a booter with a good Messenger Disconnect and an old-fashioned PM bomber at the very least.

My '250 bot maximum' rule isn't gospel -- it can be broken safely. I regularly load up in excess of 1000 bots just to have some fun and play. Just don't overload your system of overuse the booter, or you'll find yourself IP banned, chat banned, or your ports will be cluttered with junk packets. It's also a good idea to log your bots out after each boot, then log them back in the next time you find a target. This saves system resources and gives you a fresh hit the next time you boot someone.

Booting a Chat Client--

Most clients have the option of running on YMSG and CHAT02 protocol, so they are fairly easily booted. Like I said before -- every problem is easily dealt with if you have the right tools and the right information. Check out the forums on yahoo booter/tools sites for tips and information, hints, and possible new breakthroughs in booting.

If your victim is running a slow connection, such as a 56K dialup modem, and you?re running cable or DSL -- it's possible to flood their ports with so much data that, no matter what protocol they are using, the target is flooded offline. If they're running a fast connection, get a few of your buddies to gang up on them with you. If you all hit the target at once, there's a much better chance that they'll be disconnected or frozen.

If you're running a slow connection, you might have trouble booting people on faster connections, because their systems process the incoming packets faster than you can send them. Don't get frustrated, though. Just look around and find ways around it. There is always a way-- and nobody -- I mean NOBODY is unbootable.


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