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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Yahoo Tricks

. Saturday, December 12, 2009

Create Profile for Yahoo

::::::How To Lock Yahoo Id With Yahoo! Messenger:::::: 
If you frequently chat on yahoo chat room, probably you’ve locked in yahoo room.
Most likely cause of your yahoo id is locked so can not sign in yahoo messenger as caused by people who do not like you.
Various ways can be done to lock yahoo id. for example by using the Tools that created by the programmer.
Tools that created highly variable starting with lock Yahoo Id for 12 hours to 24 hours. and the software created as simple as possible.

Software lock user just choose a direct victim and its pressing process. wait a few moments …. done ….. target has been locked.
Later I will give examples locker software that can be used. but here I will explain a bit …. how to lock the software work.

How to work the software lock ….. that Victim made re-login again using the wrong p***word so that,
by a system which Yahoo id entries with the wrong p***word and re-submitted it will be repeated in the lock.
So even though we really can not make the program or Yahoo Id Locker doesn’t use the software Yahoo ID we can lock the locker yahoo id others manually.
We can use Yahoo Messenger it self or yahoo email login.
Using Yahoo Messenger for Locker:

1. Select the target that its id will be lock
2. Enter its Yahoo Id on Username
3. Enter the free password
4. Try to login about 4 times …..
5. Done …… Target has been locked

By using this method, you are able to lock your target.
You can also use login to email Yahoo web. Do it in the same way over and over again...

How To Get Your Yahoo ID Back If It's Been Hacked
How to get your ID Back if it's been hacked.

1) You will need your b-day, zip code, alt email, secret question
that you made the id with.
(doesn't matter if it was changed)

2) Now Call (408) 349-3300 - Get to customer service.
Let them know your yahoo name was hacked or something.
Tell them your original info you used to make the id.

If you cant use long distance then email

with all your info that you can possibly send them
and wait for response then email back with info again.

3) If they say your info is wrong but you know that it is
right then argue with them and tell them to look at
the original info of the id.

4) If they still refuse then ask to speak to a supervisor.
- Because they can see more info on their computers.

5) Tell the supervisor to look at the original info on the id,
that it was made with and know some of the following.

Some tips are.

1)-know names on your friends list
2)-know email messages if any
3)-know your service provider
4)-know what Y! groups you were ***ociated with
5)-know when id was made
6)know when name was taken or lost or whatever approximately

Just remember to be nice and let them know that you have
personal e-mail's from people that you have'nt been able to
notify that your e-mail address from yahoo has been hacked.
And that you would rather use your yahoo e-mail account
because you like it best

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How to safe your id from Deactivation
How people deactivate your yahoo id?

Then send an email to yahoo stating that you are sending them spamming emails or fraudulent emails. They forward any email to yahoo from their Inbox any email like Lotto, you won blah blah and in that email they add your yahoo id and email address and make something date and time changes in email header. In this case yahoo things that you are the one who is sending them spam email and its against yahoo TOS. Therefore, they deactivate your yahoo id.

There is a way to safe your yahoo id from deactivation. Just follow the below steps:

1. Make a profile in your main yahoo id.

2. Bring that profile in room not main id.

This is the first way to escape and there is another way but about this one i am not 100% sure about it. But you can give it try.

If you really want to use main id in chat room. Then change your profile ******** to Korea and it will help prevent to get it deactivated.

Third, you can buy a yahoo premium account and it wont be deactivated


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