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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to Reactive yahoo id if id r Deactive

. Sunday, December 13, 2009

 IF Ur ID IS Deactivated Reactivate Thru This Method
U Cant Open Ur ID When It Got Deactivated So U Must Reactivate That But Reactivation of an ID Is Game Of Luck Try Out This Method May U Get It Back

just u have to do :
You will need your b-day, zip code, alt email, secret question
that you made the id with.
(doesn't matter if it was changed)

2) Now Call (408) 349-3300 - Get to customer service.
Let them know your yahoo name was hacked or something.
Tell them your original info you used to make the id.

YAHOO Customer Service 866-562-7219

If you cant use long distance then email
with all your info that you can possibly send them
and wait for response then email back with info again.

3) If they say your info is wrong but you know that it is
right then argue with them and tell them to look at
the original info of the id.

4) If they still refuse then ask to speak to a supervisor.
- Because they can see more info on their computers.

5) Tell the supervisor to look at the original info on the id, that it was made with and know some of the following.
few tips :

1)-know names on your friends list
2)-know email messages if any
3)-know your service provider
4)-know what Y! groups you were ociated with
5)-know when id was made
6)know when name was taken or lost or whatever aprox.
Remember to be nice and let them know that you have
personal e-mail's from people or you use it for business and that you have'nt been able to
notify that your e-mail address from yahoo has been hacked.
And that you would rather use your yahoo e-mail account .
NB : _
its on u guys how to convince them..there alot of program but this the simple and the easyest way for simple users....

Note:If you dont know the information of your ID..
then forget this.
make a new ID and move on............

Try Ur Luck ...... Wish U Best Of Luck


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