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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do I change my password?

. Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do I change my password?
Last Updated: December 11, 2009

You fill out a form asking you to enter your old and new password.
To make it easier to remember passwords, it is common for people to use the same or similar passwords on each system, such as their birthday or the name of their pet or relative. Simple passwords make it easier for others to guess them. Some people use automated programs that run through common words to guess passwords. To better protect your account, make sure that your password is easy for you to remember but impossible for others to guess.
Never use a password you have used in the past, and do not share your password with anyone. Your new password must be a minimum of six characters and a maximum of 31 characters. We recommend that you use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. The password box is case-sensitive, that is, it can tell the difference between CASE and case, for example, and we recommend that you create your new password to take advantage of that case sensitivity.
To make it more difficult for someone to guess your password or prevent them from guessing it, we recommend that you create strong passwords. Doing so helps keep your accounts secure and safe from prying eyes.
For additional information about secure passwords, visit the Yahoo! Security Center.
Here’s how to change your password:
  1. Click the Change Password button below these instructions. You’ll be asked to sign in if you’re not already.

    Change Password screen
  2. Type your current password in the first box.
  3. Type your new password in the second box.
  4. Type your new password again in the third box to confirm it.
  5. Click Save. You’ll see a message telling you that you have successfully chosen a new password. If your new password entries didn’t match, go to step 2 and try again.
  6. Click Continue. The Account Sign-in Settings page appears.
  7. Type your new password, and click Sign In. A page opens with your account information. You have successfully used your new password.

    Change Password button
Please write your password down, and keep it in a safe place for later reference. Many people forget new passwords when they change them.
Now you can navigate to your Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, using the links and icons at the top of the page.
Your Yahoo! password always applies to your entire Yahoo! account. This means that it is valid not only for Yahoo! Maill but also for Yahoo!'s other personalized services, including the following:


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