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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elixor V 015 UPDATE! 8th dec 09

. Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elixor - advanced yahoo chat client, Some new features have been added, and some old ones have been updated..
This client has came a long way from what it once was. it started as a simple project for my own personal use. I never thought that many would like it. Currently, reports do show in rooms it is becoming more popular.

Features of Elixor V 015

Quick list of updates
New Ver - Version Info - Ver 015 Tested 87 Hrs...
released 8th of dec 09..

Updated iface.
Corrected some minor subs..
Fixed a tricky bug with logins...
Added new features to colors screen.
Updated Foobar API codes..
Updated WMP API codes...
Updated Windows 7 API codes.
Updated Dos pipe codes..
Updated Boot filter codes...
Updated misc codes.
Fixed some bugs in html decoder..
Fixed auto voice subs...
Fixed auto room join subs.
Fixed ****** subs..
Update YMSG protocals....

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