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Friday, April 18, 2008

How to Boot in Yahoo Messenger

. Friday, April 18, 2008

First, I will make an apologizing for not writing or posting a new post in this blog for almost few weeks. Actually, I did some business so I do not have plenty of time to handle this blog and make a new post. But, now I am ready to make a new post for you guys.
After given to you yahoo boot software, now it is time to give you (for newbie or beginner user) a steps or tutorial or manual how to use yahoo software boot and make it boot. This is just only basic knowledge, May be you need to try several times to use your yahoo boot program before you finally, understood how to boot in chat room or else.

Step 1: Yahoo Boot without ID bots is like a machine without power supply, or like a car without a fuel. So after you download Yahoo Boot from this blog, you need to create Id bots to use it with yahoo boot software (bots can be meant as bullet in gun). To create bots, you can make them using bot ID creator, or Yahoo ID maker, but you can make it manually, just like making yahoo id.

You need at least 20 bots id (more id is better, ideally 1000 id is good enough) and save it in notepad (.txt) with its password separate by : or space. Example:


Now run your yahoo bots software and click load button, then open your bots id with its password in notepad (.txt).

Click login and wait until all of your bots id successfully online. Now your id bots and software boot of yahoo messenger is ready to use.

Just enter the username or id of your target victim, and click boot option such as PM boot, waiting until all of you boot send to target. Watch in chat room (if you find or grab target yahoo id from chat room) if target dc or left or not. If they are got dc or left room, this mean your boot successfully work!

Enjoy it


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